We offer a wide range of workshop for all kind of events and parties

3D Animal Clay 


3D Animal Clay workshop allowed the participant to create their own style of animal clay by painting on the ready-made animal clay. Great for a new skill activity for the young and old.

Basic Balloon Sculpturing 


Calvin “The Mage”  a PA registered Trainer in 2008 had been teaching the balloon sculpturing craft in the Community Center (CC) and Resident Committee (RC) Center as well as company and schools.

Balloon Sculpturing is an interesting craft to pick up. Be in young or old. Male or female, crafting out a creation out of balloons are always popular among the people. It can be as a bonding session and    learning a craft for corporate staffs.

At the end of the lessons, the participants will be able to craft out simple design out from balloons.

The Frontier CC, Toa Payoh East, Punggol Park CC, Bishan CC,  Tanglin CC, Toa Payoh  Palmsville RC, Apex Pal, Hougang Secondary School, Health Science Authority Board are some places in which he had conducted his course at.

Group or individual trainings are available upon the availability of the trainer. Those with basic balloon sculpturing skills can choose for the immediate/advance stage in balloon sculpturing.

Hama Beads Making


There aren't many better Arts & Crafts activities than Hama Beads - a simple system that allows you to make stunning mosaic designs. Using a pegboard, Hama beads are layed out in patterns, before being joined together by ironing. Pegboards are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and there are dozens of colours of Hama Beads to pick from. Hama Beading can be enjoyed by children as young as 5 through to adults


The beads are assembled on a peg board before using some wax paper and an iron to melt them together. The beads are available in different sizes. The peg board come in many design to choose from.


It improved the kids motoring skill and their creativity. Create bonding between parents and child. Easy to make and fun to play with.


An activity to have in your event or parties. 

Chinese Paper Cutting


A Chinese traditional way of creating artistic pictures out of paper. It may looked difficult but with the trainer teaching, you find yourself doing yourself a piece of traditional Chinese Paper cutting. Great for a new skill activity for the young and old.

Finger Print Workshop


Your finger print can turn into a nice art piece drawing if you know how. The workshop teaches you how to create nice drawing with fingerprints. It’s a unique way to create your personalize drawing. Great for a bonding session between the parents and the children. A good side activity event for any occasion.

Chinese Clay Figurine


Using clay to create small figurine.  A Popular activity among kids and adults. 

Great for a bonding session between the parents and the children. A good side activity event for any occasion.



Origami, the art of paper folding. This interesting activity involved participants to create many designs out of paper. Great to show off your creativity skills to others and involves a lot of hand-on.

Great for a new skill activity for the young and old.

Rainbow Calligraphy


Learn how to paint with style (Calligraphy) with different colour. Create nice painting with this special art. Great workshop to create a masterpiece of your own.

Sand Art in Bottle 


Create design out of different colour of sand into a bottle. This bottle can be kept as a display or given as a gift. Allow the creativity to flow for the participant while doing this activity.

Soap Art


A bar of soap can be turn into a nice display item at your home. Easy to create with instructions from our trainer and different type of accessories provided to create your very own unique masterpiece made out of soap

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